Engage your audience with TikToks.

Capitola.Social is one of the first social agencies in Europe with access to TikToks advertising tool.

Since the launch of TikTok for Business this June, selected agencies have access to TikToks advertising platform. With this tool, agencies can run a variety of native campaigns within TikTok engaging the audience on the highest possible level.

At this moment, TikTok offers five formats each with their own way of activating and engaging the audience. These formats are the Topview, Topview Lite, In-Feed Video, Hashtag Challenge and our favourite, the Branded Effect.

For each format it is possible to run an individual campaign or go all out and cover your brand, product or service with a combination of formats. The platform also offers targeting features which can be compared with the targeting features within Facebooks advertising platform. The most common being age, gender, interesses, geo.

We are still working on getting more specific reach numbers for each format. Top View has a reach of 2.905.000 and the One Day Max has a reach of 1.310.000. Numbers for the other formats will be available around the end of July.

If you want to know more about the possibilities for your brand, product or service, send a mail to david@capitola.social or dial +31 020 845 2965.

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