Send your Xmas wishes with Instagrams AR feature

Specially for this years Xmas, Capitola AR created an Instagram AR Xmas effect, which you might like or totally dislike..

As this is the first year Instagrams Augmented Reality feature is open for developers, Social AR is growing fast and you are probably going to see a lot of Xmas related effects and filters. At Capitola AR we obviously had to come up with something, so we did.

The effect we created is inspired by the Elf Yourself site back from 2006. “A website where visitors upload faces of themselves or their friends and have the option to post the created video to other sites or save it as a personalized mini-film. Globally, 1.5 billion elves have been created since the application was first introduced in 2006” (source wikipedia).

Originally the Elf Yourself site/tool was done with static photos. Instagrams AR feature now gives us the possibility to create a much more dynamic version by using real time images of a persons face captured with the Instagram camera. By placing the users face on a 3D face mesh we could bring the elves to life.

The basic idea was to create a short 15 second clip featuring you and your friends as the elves. With a little help from a soundtrack by EH!DE we created a 3D animated story showing you as a main “elf” character. Anyone can use the filter with a max of three persons each having a specific little role in the clip. You can record the clip and share the video instantly to all your friends on Instagram.

I wouldn’t say it is one of the best most refined works of our agency but is certainly is one of the craziest, funniest and most annoying effects we created. You can try the filter yourself and start sending your Xmas greetings by following this link.

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