How to promote your Social AR filters and effects

Social AR filters & effects are becoming a must-have within the Social Media strategy. Knowing how to promote them is essential for your success factor.

Creating a Social AR filter for Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is one thing. Making sure it reaches and engages your audience is another. More specifically for Instagram, there is no standard way of advertising or promoting a (branded) filter or effect (yet). Every month, new features are being released and the way to promote an effect or filter changes along with these features and possibilities.

We created a large variety of AR filters and effects and it is more than clear how Social AR can benefit your brand or service. It goes a lot further than exposure or “going viral”. Social AR engages your audience on a new, immersive and dynamic level. Consumers become brand ambassadors by sharing branded filters and effect. Interacting with filters makes your brand top of mind and increases brand awareness. With interactive visual storytelling, brands have the ability to go beyond photo/video ads and realize an immersive visual experience which sticks with the user much longer and is more impactful as well.

Facebook offers specific ways to promote a filter within the timeline. For instance, showing an interactive ad on the Facebook timeline with a clear call to action to try the filter. Snapchat has a dedicated advertising platform with many options to target your audience and promote AR filters and effects. Instagram has none of those options which means, you have to be very creative and understand all the ins & outs of what is possible and will work for your brand and filter.

The target audience should always be able to instantly try a branded filter or effect without any additional steps but one click. Everything more than one click could demotivate the audience you want to reach, that is, if the goal is engagement via Social AR. A brand can reach their existing followers very effective with a filter story or post. From there, any follower can instantly try a filter, save it and share within their own network.

The tricky part is to reach and engage a new audience for promoting your brand, service or product with a filter or effect. At CapitolaAR we have several ways of reaching and engaging the target audience within Instagram. A combination between a well produced filter preview ad, targeting and smart linking makes it possible to reach and retarget an audience within Stories, the feed and the explore section. If this strategy is applied in the right way, you will certainly get the most out of your social media campaign.

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