Hacking the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Which artist doesn’t dream to exhibit at the prestigious Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam? From today on it’s made possible!

Using Instagram’s Augmented Reality feature combined with target tracking, we created a new way of augmenting historical and cultural landmarks. In this specific case, visitors can see 3D art coming to life triggered by the museum’s logo. As Instagram does not have a specific landmark feature like Snapchat, we recreated this feature by making a 3D mesh of the building. This enabled us to actually use this mesh as an occluder and add effects to the mesh making it look like the effect is tracked by the physical building.

Imagine what is possible and how we can augment the environment around us. The only limit is your own creativity, let us worry about the tech part 😉

Through this project, using the latest technologies we manage to democratize art in a revolutionary way. If you are in Amsterdam you can try the effect with this link.

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